Catch up on what's happening in the neighborhood and with our association this week. 

National Night Out is August 7th!
Our annual neighborhood party in the park returns Tuesday, August 7th. This year's event will again be held in Deer Hollow Park (1801 Deer Park BLVD) from 6pm-8pm.
We'll be grilling up hamburgers & hot dogs, hosting an awesome free art activity, raffling off awesome prizes and much more. We invite you to come hang out with us, have some fun, and meet some new neighbors.
Please feel free to invite friends and family. Contact Mike at 402.840.9018 or with any questions. 

No DPNA Meeting In July or August
We'll be taking July and August off from monthly membership meetings at we plan and host National Night Out on August 7th. Our next membership meeting will be Wednesday, September 12th at 7PM. 

Other Wise Pt 2: How The Arts Grow Imagination at Project Project This Sunday

Sunday, July 7th
1818 Vinton Street

Facebook Event:

"Project Project is very pleased to welcome back Lonnie Potter to continue his 4-part lecture on the purpose of the arts. As always, this event is free and open to the public.

In his first talk, Potter showed that the arts help us to survive and thrive by growing our ability to imagine.

His second talk, on July 8th, is about how the arts grow our imagination. How do they do that? How do the arts help us to increase and strengthen our imaginative powers? What do they do that causes this to happen? What does a song, a story, a movie, a painting, or a poem do that makes our uniquely human imagination grow?

He’ll talk about what is required to grow imagination skills and how to recognize the characteristics of works that are more likely to grow your imagination. He’ll walk you through the questions you’ll need to find better works of the arts—works that will help you grow a better, healthier imagination for a better, more powerful mind. You’ll begin to see how the arts help human beings get better at being human."

Friday the 13th Sale at Oracle
Celebrate the upcoming Friday the 13th with a special event at Oracle Art Supply. As part of Go Fish Friday, you'll play for discounts between 13 and 50 percent. There will also be freebies and Friday the 13th themed activities!

Facebook event:
Friday, July 13th
1808 Vinton

Drink n Draw Returns to Apollon
Apollon Art Space is back under new management. The first event back is a familiar one, Drink n Draw. This is a live model figure drawing event for artists 19 years of age or older. Drink n Draw will be Tuesday, August 14th from 7pm-9pm at Apollon Art Space (1801 Vinton). There is an $8 entry fee and the Apollon bar will be open. Art by Jeff Suchomel.

Looking Ahead To DPNA Board Elections
Nominations for open board seats will be taken at our October 10th membership meeting and the elections will take place at our November 14th membership meeting. 

This year we will be holding elections for the President, Treasurer, and one Director position. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the board or want to learn more about the board positions and if they are right for you, please contact Mike McGuire. 

All board members are elected to two-year terms. 

Two Exhibitions Continue at Bancroft Street Market
Starting July 1st Bancroft will be hosting two exhibitions titled
"Natural Disasters" and "Nature's Grasp" in partnership with Frogman's Print Workshops. See dates and info from Facebook below.

Natural Disasters

"What constitutes a disaster and what makes it natural? Is a natural disaster when the earth is negatively affected or when the environment is the cause of the distress? “Natural” is defined as something not made or caused by humankind, creating a divide between humans and nature. Are human beings not mammals, after all, consequently, a part of fauna? What then of all of humankind’s actions? Are these activities “natural” and, if they are, are they inherently catastrophic?

The works in this exhibition examine different types of disaster, on different scales, both man-made and not. What is the aftermath of disaster and how do we deal with it? In the wake of tragedy, do we sink or swim?"

Nature's Grasp

"In this exchange portfolio participating artists explore humanity’s incredible ability to create, destroy, and interrupt, which sometimes conflicts with nature’s greater ability to achieve the same objectives. Awesome in their destructive power, natural events like earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes remind us that we are small and vulnerable and that living on this dynamic planet will always entail risk and responsibility. How do we strengthen the bond between humanity and nature?"


Sunday, July 1: 1 - 4 pm
Saturday, July 7: 1 - 4 pm
Sunday, July 8: 1 - 4 pm
Friday, July 13: 6 – 9 pm
Saturday, July 14: 11 am - 2 pm

Reception: Friday, July 13, 2018, 6 - 9 pm

LAST WEEK! Black White Color at Gallery 72 Continues Through July 7th

Gallery 72 is hosting a photography exhibition by Michael Johnson and Larry Colvalciuc starting this week during Friday 2 on Vinton.  The exhibition continues through July 7th during normal gallery hours. 

"Traditional silver print black and white and Ilfochrome color photographs and digital printed landscape photographs from throughout the United States. Featuing photogrophers Michael Johnson and Larry Covalciuc."

What's Coming Up?

(FYI: We meet the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm at the Sheet Metal Worker's Hall on 24th and Deer Park BLVD. Dinner is provided and we host a free youth art lesson at every meeting)

Nature's Grasp & Natural Disasters: Bancroft Street Market,

Otherwise Pt 2: 7/8, 7pm-830pm, Project Project

Decay & Decapitation: Gallery 72, July 13th at 5PM

July Friday 2: 7/13 on Vinton Street, 5PM

Friday the 13th Sale: 7/13, Oracle Art Supply, 11am-8pm

Go Fish Fridays: Every Friday at Oracle Art Supply

National Night Out: 8/7, Deer Hollow Park, 6pm-8pm

August Drink n Draw: Apollon, 8/14 at 7PM