Our Beginnings 

On May 13, 1886 land owners, Anna M. G. McCornick and George T. Mills and proprietors of the green space named Deer Park, approved their land be donated for the public use as the future Deer Park Neighborhood. Had it not been for these former land owner's generosity, it is possible that this neighborhood would not be here today. The neighborhood was originally platted to house 242 property parcels within a13 block area. The street boundaries were set at 15th in the east, 20th street in the west, north and adjacent of Spring,  and south and adjacent of Boulevard. 

Historic Plat Application

Deer Park Neighborhood Association (DPNA) was formed in efforts to protect the land where interstate I-80 now cuts through the neighborhood. After the announcement of the interstate project, neighborhood advocates Rudy Novaceck and Frank Janiak filed to start a neighborhood association. By 1982, our organization was in the Omaha Neighborhood Association Directory, with  Mr. Janiak as the president with the neighborhood association boundaries set from 13th street to 24th street, and from C Street to Castelar.